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As far as the hobbyist is concerned, an entire holiday awaits. Provence will provide you with violet, red, orange, yellow, green and pink, sunshine, blue sky, outdoor easels, ewer, fountain pens, the sound of the sea, edging shears, sailing shoes, lavender, picnics, wine, olives, brushes and bushes …
The concept of free time was invented along with industrialization—now it seems we are moving towards doing away with it. “Turn your hobby into a career” is well known in itself as the neo-liberal slogan. In this regard, the Post-Fordist working condition and the world of contemporary art seem to go hand-in-hand, perfectly. We are constantly at work: everywhere and anytime. For now we’re so happy to share this magazine with you.
Daiga Grantina, Tobias Kaspar, Hannes Loichinger