Interviews Concerning the Risks and Opportunities of Artistic Collective Practice

Konzept /Concept: Daniel Hopp


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The Method: My videos are based on my performances. Some of these performances are already finished art works, but the performances are principally designed to generate the film material.

The Reflection: My work has always been with and within groups. Film production is mostly group production. Now, soon to leave art school, I would like to reflect on what it means to work in a group again. This is why I have invited some of the people I have worked with in the last few years to interviews to talk about our common experiences.

Concept: Daniel Hopp / Interviews with: Harry Baer, Kenneth Dow, Amna Mawaz Khan, Dr. Charlotte Klink, Lena Mai Merle, Imran Mushter Siddiqui, Wolfgang Kerim Schroeder, Dr. Philipp Zehmisch

Texte in Deutsch und Englisch
Translation: Lena Mai Merle / Editiorial Report: Wiebke Langheinrichs (DE), Lena Mai Merle (ENG)

Graphic Design: Caspar Reuss / Photos: Rosanna Graf, Edward Reiner, Christopher James Chandler, Mimesis, David Reimann

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