A Possible Thesis

A bibliography, and other considerations about a summer, a library and a search engine in the so-called information age

Christiany Erler


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Had I chosen to write this text in a conventional manner, I would have started this paragraph by stating the claim to be argued in the following pages. This opening paragraph would have been brief, precise and to the point—as any introduction to any academic text is expected to be. Had this been the case, it would have been established that the proposition of this possible thesis would revolve around a very specific library.

I would have informed that the composition of this possible thesis would have been divided in four sessions. I would have provided a brief description of the premises to be presented in each session. I would have announced that, in the first session, I would have provided facts about the very specific library around which this essay revolves. I would also have presented the reasons why and how this very specific library is important to this possible thesis. The second session, I would have explained, would have been built with a good measure of poetic license. It would have been a segment for free-range reflection, where I would have demonstrated traits of my artistic practice. I would have used this session to slowly create atmosphere. It would have seemed that the text was moving in circles, but important, albeit somewhat subjective, observations would have been gradually made. In the third session I would have made my arguments clearer. I would have driven home, so to write, all of the assertions made so far, providing further considerations about ideas introduced in the second session. Finally, I would have presented a short conclusion, where I would have returned to the very specific library at the center of this text. I would have called to mind how this very specific library was the catalyst for this possible thesis. I would have offered a final reflection. As with any respectable academic text, citations containing the books and articles relevant to this possible thesis would have followed... [extract from the introduction]