Though no eyes met

Hannah Rath


words Samuel Beckett
Hrsg: Wigger Bierma
Betreuer: Wigger Bierma / Claire Gauthier / Ralf Bacher
Auflage: 25 Stk.
Material 310
Edition Poesie 5 Materialverlag-HFBK, Hamburg 2012


mit innenliegendem Heft aus Transparentpapier (Raser geritzt)
18 + 8 Seiten,
SW-Laserdruck, Fadenbindung


Thus were engendered, though no eyes met, images of extreme complexity enabling each to enjoy himself in three district simultaneous versions plus, on a more modest scale, the three versions of self enjoyed by each of the others, namely a total of nine images at first sight irreconcilable, not to mention the confusion of frustrated excitations jostling on the fringes of the field.