Welcome Home, Johnny's Dead

Stef Rieder


Betreuer: Wigger Bierma / Ralf Bacher
Auflage: 100 Stk.
Material 439
Materialverlag – HFBK, Hamburg 2024


Four folded print sheets in a folder (screen printed) / Vier gefalzte Druckbögen in einer Mappe (Siebdruck)
2 x 16 Pages / 2 x 16 Seiten,
Text: Black and White; Photos: 4C-Digital Print / Text: Schwarzweiß; Fotos: 4C-Digitaldruck, Folded and interleaved (with bookbinder stamps) / gefalzt und ineinandergelegt (mit Buchbindermarken)

25,— Euro


Welcome Home, Johnny's Dead wonders about the family, conventions of etiquette, and sharing information as an act of communal closeness as well as a means of protection.

»Small talk is deeply rooted in American English conversation. It is rhythmic, predictable, and often a refuge. It is merely the replacement of silence with something less threatening...« [Excerpt from the accompanying text]

Graphic Design by Luis Lloréns Pendas